The travel adventure game of 2022!

Successfully navigate the maze of silk roads from Istanbul to Shanghai, whilst visiting specific attractions along the way!

Sounds easy right? Try adding a few punctures, potholes and dodgy accommodation into the mix! Not to mention the other teams racing to get to Shanghai before you!

Just do whatever it takes to complete the Silk Road.

  • 2-5 players
  • 60-90 mins
  • Age 11+
  • Learn in just 10 minutes!
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"I want to play again...NOW!"

Andy Tait

Strategy, foul-play and pure cunning meets classic racer!

Will you out smart your rivals by finding shortcuts? Sabotage them by stealing their fuel? Or perhaps you’ll be bribing the border guards with biscuits!

A unique combination of managing your cash flow, holding on to key tactical action cards, and making the right directional decisions will win you the game.

Play Nice or Play Dirty

Pick up action cards along the way to give you perks as well as ammunition against other players.

Plan Your Route

You'll need to visit attractions along the way - will you go out of your way to get fuel and money, go direct, or perhaps even take a boat?

Manage Your Money

Hotels and hostels cost money! You won't have enough to get you all the way so make sure to stop by at a few banks!

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At a glance

Manage your money, take the right route and mess with your competitor' plans! You'll need an equal mix of skill, planning and savvyness to get to Shanghai first.

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