Updated #4 Route East – 235 and counting

Hello Travellers,

Two exciting updates for your Sunday evening – sit tight, they’re quick!

Firstly, since our Kickstarter landing page went live, we’ve hit over 230 followers so far. That’s great progress and, if they all pledge, we’re not far off fully funding! Amazing news! But the higher we get with that magic number the better, and the more likely we can get Route East on table tops around the world! 

If you haven’t yet hit the notify button head over now! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lostventuregames/route-east

Jim Gamer’s Review

Our first review is in! The wonderful Jim Gamer has played Route East 6 times in total and has given us a fantastic review. A few points Jim raised that we’ll be addressing:

More focus on country information 

Jim has suggested we tune in more on the details of the places players will visit. More content and more info. Each Attraction Card contains a snippet about the location, but we’ll be expanding this out with 4 extra pages in the rulebook featuring top 5 interesting facts about each country that you won’t find in a guidebook. 

More attractions

The game is currently designed for players to visit 3 attractions if playing as a two or three, or 2, for games with three to five players. On Jim’s sixth runthrough, he played Route East with each player visiting a whopping 6 attractions! While it took him longer to finish, he liked the extra challenge!. So…we’ll be including something in the rules to say players can load the game with as many attractions as they like should they wish to add extra difficulty. Though we’ll still recommend the normal amounts for a first playthrough.

Take a full read of Jim’s review over on their website: https://www.whatboardgame.com/post/route-east-board-game-preview

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BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/349071/route-east 

More updates are coming soon!

Jonny, George, Petra, and the Route East Team