Update #5 PointsandPlays Review

Hi Traveller!

Hope you’re keeping well. We’ve been busy here juggling around our prototypes and getting as much feedback as we can. We have less than 4 weeks now until launch and it’s all getting very exciting!

We recently shipped a copy of the game over to the lovely Lauren and Jasmine. They took it for a test spin along with their gorgeous little dog. Here’s what they thought!

⛽️ This isn’t just a race of who can get from A to B the quickest. During a turn players either move or pull Action cards; these are where the strategy comes in! They could get you free fuel, extra turns or incite a bit of foul-play and steal money from another player. Money and fuel are also tight so you need to plan wisely as you travel through the map, picking up resources where you can and crucially before you run out (often my downfall!).

🏯 The game is a delight to look at. The map and attraction cards are all hand-drawn, they’re bright and colourful and they showcase the wonders these countries have to offer perfectly.

⭐️ This game is pure racing fun! Even as fairly experienced gamers we had a great time with it but it would make the perfect gateway game. Player interaction in Route East is high and the fun comes from those moments of foul-play, I’ve still not forgiven Jasmine for stealing the freight train ticket that I was saving to get across China with!

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