This is Gonna Get Messy

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Tried and tested, this drinking game does exactly what it says on the tin!


Hosting a stag do? Get messy.
A house party? Get messy.
Your nan’s 80th? Get messy.
Seriously, it’s great for any (adult) setting. Guaranteed to turn group of complete strangers into long-life friends and enemies into frenemies.

140 cards of pure fun. Just add a beverage of your choice and watch the mayhem unfold. This is going to get messy will turn your quietest and shyest friend into a shirt-swapping, one-leg-hopping heart of the party.

This is Gonna Get Messy was created when our team decided their were too many drinking games with boring cards! With over 70 unique tasks, and lots of…drinking involved, this small but powerful game is a great way to kick some life into your party!


🍻 FUN DRINKING GAME FOR ADULTS: Task cards to challenge both individuals and groups. From old classics like earthquake to piggybacking and item finding.

🍺 COLLECT CHUG CHUGS: In this unique drinking game 5 Chug Chug cards will alow you to select a player to finish their drink

πŸ“– FAST AND EASY TO LEARN – perfect for your next party, stag nights, hen do’s, student nights or whatever you are planning!

⏰ FROM 15 MINUTES TO… TOMORROW MORNING: Perfect for a quick game or for an all-night event.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘ Great for 4-20+ players, ages 18+.

⭐ WARNING: This drinking game works reaaaaaaally well!

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