Route East Core Game

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Embark on an epic adventure from Istanbul to Shanghai across mountain ranges, deserts, stunning landmarks, bustling cities and dodgy borders.


But stay sharp! The road ahead is full of twists, turns and unexpected events! Nothing is as it seems until the very last move – even deceivingly slow travellers can play a card that changes the pace of the whole game.

Plan your route through must-see attractions, and develop a strategy based on budget, fuel, cunning and pure foul play! First one to Shanghai – you guessed it – wins!



Plan your route

The first driver to get to Shanghai via their Attraction Cards wins, but your journey won’t be that easy. The trick is in planning the fastest and most efficient route that won’t deplete your resources!

You can make 3 moves each turn (possibly!). On your way, you’ll need to pick up Fuel Tokens (these are needed to cross borders), keep an eye on your remaining money (visit ATMs to top up), pay for accommodation (hostels $25 / hotels $50) and avoid general motoring mayhem (Action Cards will help).

Start your day with a bang

At the start of your turn you’ll pick up either an Ignition Card or a Border Card. These define how your day goes and sometimes give you the option to screw over your team mates!

Take moves or pick up Action Cards

Once you know how many moves you can make (depending on your Ignition Card), move along the map to your desired location. You can only stay at Hostels, Hotels or Borders (unless you have a tent).

Moves can be swapped for Action Cards. These are your secret weapons to success! Steal Fuel Tokens, earn extra money from other players, and slow them down to help you get ahead!

Manage your resources

You’ll need to collect Fuel Tokens along the way in order to cross borders. But, be careful, other players might steal them. There are also some countries in the game that don’t have fuel. Plan ahead else you might find yourself trapped!

Accommodation isn’t free! Hostels cost $25 and Hotels $50. You might be able to bag a free night sleeping at the border, but otherwise, you’ll need to pay. Other players may also steal from you plus that car will also need the occasional repair. Manage your money well and be sure to top up on the way!

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